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Welcome to Vidnami Pro!

Vidnami is an awesome online creation platform that helps to grow your business by using the power of video marketing.

Vidnami is a modern interactive tool for making video content. Now this is much more easier than ever before. All you need is a script (text) for your video. This incredible tool will allow you to save your time. 

The Artificial Intelligence built into Vidnami will automatically split your video into appropriate scenes. It’s not everything! The program will also select thematically matched movie clips. You don’t have to worry about their quality – they come from the well-known Storyblocks website. Yes, this is not a mistake. As part of the access to the Vidnami application, you will also get access to the huge database of Storyblocks. You will be able to use video clips, static images and audio tracks there. You can adjust everything perfectly to your content – either with the help of AI or manually.

What about audio? You are able to record your own voice track or upload pre-recorded voice track to use with your scenes. Otherwise, you can also select an automated voice style that you’d like for your video. You can choose between several male or female voices, and choose their accent. You should definitely try them out because they are of really high quality.

There is no faster way to create video content!


You can create all the different types of videos using Vidnami

Content Videos

Sales Videos

Influencer Videos

E-Commerce Ads

Course Videos

Real Estate Videos

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Above are just examples of typical uses for Vidnami software. There are many other possible uses for this program. You can do whatever you want. The only limitation is your imagination.

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Vidnami comes with tons of extras and features

There are a lot of them, but these are only the most important functionalities.
But don’t worry, the program is really easy to use. You will find out for yourself if you just try the trial version.

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The most powerful video marketing tool

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