Are you wondering about cost of Vidnami? Here you find some information about it.

Vidnami Pricing

The Vidnami is sold SaaS (it means Software as a Service), so there is no option for buying it once. You have to pay for using it and the price varies depend on the period. So let’s look at the details…


You can test Vidnami for free with trial version. The option allow you to learn Vidnami without any costs for 14 days period.

Vidnami costs 0 USD per 14 days trial (Free Trial Version).

Get Vidnami Free Trial now.

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You can buy Vidnami just for one month. Montly plan is the most popular. The standard price per month is $47 (monthly).

Vidnami costs 47 USD per month (Standard Monthly Plan).

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You can also pay for Vidnami for one year in advance. This is better option, cause you will save your money. This is the best value plan. The standard price per year is $397.

Vidnami costs 397 USD per year (Standard Annually Plan).

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Special price

What if the standard price is too high for you for some reason? You have also a chance to buy a Vidnami at a special price. You can’t find a promo code for Vidnami, but you can pay for the access to this web application with a discount link. The special price per month is $35 (monthly).

Vidnami costs 35 USD per month (Discount Monthly Plan).

Check the details about Vidnami Discount.

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Full information about pricing options you will find at our dedicated page which is titled Vidnami Pricing,

Caution: this information has createad 10th August 2020. Prices may change. The current price list can be found on the this website.