You bought Vidnami and forget your Vidnami login name? Or you bought Vidnami and forgot the login page address? don’t worry, we will help you! In this post you will find some useful information.

First of all, you should receive all the information you need in an email from Vidnami. It is sent to every customer right after the purchase. Find it in your e-mail and you will see answers to your questions there. However, if you do not have it (because, for example, you deleted it), be sure to read the information in the further part of our post.

Login page Vidnami App

Access to Vidnami is via a web browser, on the website, cause it is a web application. The adress of this website is:

Your Login to Vidnami App

On the login page (the adress is: you need two data to log into the application. The first is the login, the second is the password. Both of them can be found in the email you received right after purchasing Vidnami.

Vidnami Lost Password

If you lost your password you should use “Reset password” function on the login page. The adress is: